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  • It appears that HDRLS is not compatible with VRay 6 yet.
    We will have a look at this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We tend to check compatibility once the final release version of V-Ray is out the door. Otherwise we are forever testing against development builds that are changing, wasting a lot of time.
  • Area light conversion different
    This should not be the case. Are you able to show some grabs of the issue?
  • Hello. I am Jouko Tattari (a.k.a. Digimooses)
    Nice to have you here, thanks for introducing yourself.
  • After c4d Connection passes, the software font becomes smaller
    The page is working, I am not sure why it is not showing on your machine.
  • After c4d Connection passes, the software font becomes smaller
    Thanks for telling us about this. We have not seen this before.

    This may help you.
    You can set the scale of the HDR Light Studio interface using an Environment Variable.

    Forces scale of the User Interface through HDRLS_SCALE_GUI environment variable. The value represents the scale size you want. 1 = 100%, 2 = 200% etc.

    For example, to double the scale of the UI:

    Here is how you set environment variables:
  • 3ds max 2022 connector crashes Max on Startup.
    Make sure you have installed the latest 3ds Max connection and the latest HDR Light Studio main app. Using an older HDR Light Studio main app may be the issue you see.
  • need help lightning scene
    The sides look good. You just need some more lighting on the large front face. Try looking online at some photo examples of the phone and try to copy the lighting using HDR Light Studio.
  • M1 MacOS
    Hi Phil. We have a build working, it's going through QA. But I do not have release date yet, sorry.
  • What is the difference between tungsten and Xenon?
    Xenon, Tungsten, Carbon are basically nick names for our releases. We used to have HDR Light Studio version 2, 3, 4, 5. Then after 5 we moved to giving the releases nick names.

    So in answer to your question, you can not buy an old Tungsten release... when buying a license for HDR Light Studio at our web site, you would be buying the latest version with all current features, that is currently Xenon Drop 4.

    I hope that all makes sense.

    The licenses available to buy are shown on our pricing page here:
  • View rotation in Render View
    You are right that the camera position is locked in HDR Light Studio. But it does support multiple cameras.... so you could set up a few different views and switch between them to test the lighting from different angles.

    The reason we don't support moving the cameras in HDR Light Studio, is that it would be tricky to then match it back in your 3D software if you moved it. So the workflow is to match your 3D software by not allowing the camera position to change.
  • Blender 3.1 plugin crash
    Hi Brian, HDR Light Studio is not yet compatible with Blender 3.1. We are working on a fix right now. It seems quite common between major releases for things to get broken unfortunately - either the python version changes or API changes. We are sorting this out now and will post on our web site when it's been fixed. Thanks for letting us know. Regards Mark
  • Can these new features be added
    Hi Wenge, you have raised some interesting requests. I would be very interested to talk with you about these in more detail. You obviously want a great deal of control over gradients that we don't currently provide and I would like to know more from you about this. Please email this to and we can get some contact details from you so we can have a web meeting and discuss this. I hope this sounds good to you.
  • M1 MacOS
    We are looking at this now Phil. We want our users to enjoy using HDR Light Studio with their native M1 apps. I don't have a release timescale as yet.
  • Any other Mac users here? Do you have also problems with the app?
    Hi Thomas. Firstly I am sorry you are having these issues and have not been able to resolve them with us (me) yet. We have a lot of customers using MacOS, and if there was a big general issue with HDR Light Studio on MacOS, I feel we would be having a lot of support cases about this. But we do not... so there is something specific going on here we need to get to the bottom of.

    I will get one of our developers to get in touch with you and try to trouble shoot things with you and get this solved for you. If we find something useful to the wider community of MacOS users, we can post information about it here too. Many thanks for raising this.

    In the future, if you have issues, please do not do system reinstalls. There really is not need at all I can think of. As we can easily trouble shoot the existing installation to work out what is happening.
  • Help with Lighting a Scene
    Maybe start by using a base HDRI map to the design something like this one, it's free:

    You need to find a HDRI map that has a similar character to the feel of being in the velodrome. Then work on top of this removing unwanted lights and adding new ones in HDR Light Studio. Using HDR Light Studio to edit the HDRI map and give a more controlled lighting effect for the shot.
  • animating lights.
    Hi Christopher, thanks for your question. We have been asked about this many times over the years. HDR Light Studio does not support creating a sequence of HDRI maps with animated light sources.

    I would like to understand more about your use case for this? Why would you need animated lights in your scene, and why would you want them on the HDRI map?

    At the moment you could make 3D area lights mapped with HDR textures using HDR Light Studio, and animate those in your 3D software? Could that work for you?

    Here are more details about area lights:

    I look forward to your reply. Regards Mark.
  • Change roation of env to be 0° in Cinema4D
    Hi Blake, HDR Light Studio assumes the environment in C4D is set with default orientations/rotations. This way when positioning lights in HDR Light Studio, they match exactly in C4D and your renderer. So I am not sure why you are asking/needing to rotate by 0.25 degrees?

    Our default settings should just work out of the box, as long as you don't change the rotation of the environment light in C4D.

    Really we need a little more information to be able to help you, if you are having a problems with that. Thanks.
  • Breitling Raven
    What a fantastic image. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
  • HDRLightStudio on 4K screen
    You can scale it to what you like 1.2, 1.5, 1.7.... it doesn't work like your other apps correct, but you do now have full control over its scale.
  • HDRLightStudio on 4K screen
    Please can you screen grab the windows settings you are using to control the HiDPI scaling. Also, do you have more than one display, what resolution and DPI is each display set to please?

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