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  • HDRLightStudio on 4K screen
    It will have an effect, so perhaps a system restart is required for the environment variable to work for you.
  • HDRLightStudio on 4K screen
    Did you try my setting above, that I suggested?
  • HDRLightStudio on 4K screen
    I am sorry you are experiencing a problem. Supporting HiDPI displays is tricky and I don't think we have it right yet based on what you are experiencing. There are many variables and even bugs in Windows OS on how it's handling HiDPI depending on if you mix resolutions across different panels too.

    To help we implemented a windows environment variable to further control the UI scaling in HDR Light Studio, for people with issues like you.

    Forces scale of the User Interface through HDRLS_SCALE_GUI environment variable. The value represents the scale size you want. 1 = 100%, 2 = 200% etc.

    For example, to double the scale of the UI:

    Please try setting this, and then restarting HDR Light Studio, see if this gives you the control you need over the UI, thanks.
  • HDRLightStudio on 4K screen
    Hi Gethin, what operating system are you using please?
  • Octane Connection feature request
    Hi Claudius, you may be able to get the HDRI map working this way, but not the 3D area lights.
  • Hello - I'm Neil Scholes
    Nice commercial. Took a look at all your links too, wow, you have worked on some cool stuff... thanks for joining Neil!
  • C4d Vray 5 Connection
    That's right, the current build of the C4D connection does not support the new V-Ray version 5. We wait until software comes out of beta before writing the support for it. We are doing this as I type and we will have the updated connection for C4D out soon, with support for V-Ray 5. I am looking forward to this being released and getting back into using the new V-Ray with C4D myself. It looks great. Hope that helps Jonas. Not long to wait.
  • Hello I'm Stefan Ellis
    Welcome Stefan, thanks for joining the forum.
  • Octane Connection feature request
    Hi Pegot, this is an interesting idea. Developing connections and keeping them maintained for so many applications and renderers takes a lot of work. I personally feel this use case is very specific and would make the connection far more complex and leads to more opportunities for something to go wrong.

    I hope you are able to do all of the edits to the HDRI map in HDR Light Studio that you can do in Blender.... and much much more. I think the main issue you have is lack of support for HDR Light Studio working with Octane in Blender. We may support this one day, but it means supporting a special build of Blender and is really a totally separate connection to support and maintain. So we can only justify this if there are enough users.
  • Updating installation questions
    The installer for the main HDR Light Studio app will uninstall the previous version during the install process. Then install the latest version.

    The Octane connection is a bit weird in that you can only have one plugin version installed at a time. So you can update your 2020 connection to the latest version with the 2020 plugin installer, I think it has a couple of minor bug fixes. That should sort you out.

    If you did want to try it with 2020.2 (which is in effect 2021 in progress with an updated sdk too), you could install that 2020.2 plugin, but it would only work with 2020.2, and the 2020 Octane would no longer recognise the plugin.

    I suggest install the updated HDR Light Studio and the updated connection for Octane Standalone 2020, and see how you go with that.
  • Octane X Connection?
    Yes we have plans to do that. But we do not have a planned release date as yet.
  • Hi I'm Carlo Jongen
    Nice to have the programming skills up your sleeve too Carlo. Thanks for coming here. It's nice to learn more about our users here already.
  • CGI campaign
    It's not the first sex toy I have seen lit with HDR Light Studio :wink:
  • Hello - I'm Marcus Rizzo!
    Sorry you are crap at drawing :lol: But you are great at 3D... so it's all good. Welcome!
  • Hello - I'm Adrian Gonzales
    Welcome Adrian.
  • Best practices for reveal animations
    Hi Andrew,

    We made a video some time ago about lighting a product animation with HDR Light Studio and MODO. Here it is:

    It is my opinion, those reveal animations have fixed light sources and the camera is animated around the product. So as the camera moves, the light moves over the surface of the object. The technique from the video above would work for you in any software, not just MODO.

    Do let me know if that helps.
  • Multiple lighting designs in a single project
    Dreams come true in the next release :wink:

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