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  • christopher Lopez
    Just started with this software. Not sure if this is a feature. If its not then this would be a new feature request:

    Is it possible to animate the light objects that you place in the scene that becomes a single HDR map. So you would adjust position etc like you would c4d lights but render out an HDR spherical map animation. is this possible?

  • Mark Segasby
    Hi Christopher, thanks for your question. We have been asked about this many times over the years. HDR Light Studio does not support creating a sequence of HDRI maps with animated light sources.

    I would like to understand more about your use case for this? Why would you need animated lights in your scene, and why would you want them on the HDRI map?

    At the moment you could make 3D area lights mapped with HDR textures using HDR Light Studio, and animate those in your 3D software? Could that work for you?

    Here are more details about area lights:

    I look forward to your reply. Regards Mark.
  • christopher Lopez
    Its just more options. I just saw the paint reflection tool and it put the reflection exactly where it needs to be in the HDRI map. Being apble to move that reflection with simple key frames would be a nice tool for client changes. Does that (reflection paint tool) work for the 3D area lights as you suggested? then that would be fantastic. maybe I havent gotten deep enough into the software.
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