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  • wenge
    This software is a great software, it brings a lot of convenience to my work, but I still have some troubles and suggestions in use, can it add the following functions:

    Chief among them are some suggestions for Custom Gradient features:
    1. Is it possible to increase the function of the mouse to select multiple control points, so that the overall movement and brightness control can be performed. Currently, it is only possible to manually move the control points one by one, which is very inconvenient

    2. The control point can be edited like the curve of 3DS MAX. Each control point can be changed in four states: corner, bezier, bezier corner, and smooth, instead of only one state as a whole.

    3. In the custom gradient in the value blend, can you add multiple gradient layers to control, similar to the layer function of Phtoshop, then the gradient will become very rich and powerful

    In addition, in the previous version, it was convenient to use ctrl+MMB, Rectangular zoom, and ctrl+RMB, Zoom canvas, but in the new version, when using these operations, the selected lights will be moved at the same time, unless you click on the blank space Just right click, the operation is not as convenient as before

  • Mark Segasby
    Hi Wenge, you have raised some interesting requests. I would be very interested to talk with you about these in more detail. You obviously want a great deal of control over gradients that we don't currently provide and I would like to know more from you about this. Please email this to and we can get some contact details from you so we can have a web meeting and discuss this. I hope this sounds good to you.
  • wenge
    ok, i have sent an email to your mailbox
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