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  • Mike

    I'm trying to use the Blender connection and everything is connecting correctly according to the documentation but I was wondering if there was a way to have multiple HDR maps in one Blender file allowing me to be able to choose which one HDR Light Studio will connect to once I hit the start button? If anyone here has used Keyshot, I'm trying to see if Keyshot can be replaced with this workflow. In Keyshot you can have as many HDRI "worlds" as you want and be able to edit each one.

  • Forum Admin
    Hi Mike,

    I have just taken a look, and currently, we do not support multiple environments in Blender controlled by HDR Light Studio. You can control just 1. However, a workaround could be to use our LightLooks system to create multiple lighting designs in a single HDR Light Studio project and switch between them as needed.

    This is a video about that feature:

    How are you going to use having multiple environments, please? Are you after a lighting setup per camera angle? This may help me give you more guidance.
  • Mike
    Thanks for the response!

    Yes the idea would be to have multiple cameras that would be different angles of 1 product. Each camera would need a separate lighting setup.

    One thing I'm trying is to save the HDR Light studio file for each HDR map that I create and then I can choose which one I am opening. I will just have a lot of HDR Light Studio files to save and then I'll have to re-export a final HDR map every time and link it to the correct world.

    The LightLooks system looks cool. Maybe that would allow me to just save the one HDR Light Studio file and store all the different angles there. I'll give that a try.
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