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  • Need directions to set Display Scale
    Hi Rob,

    There is an environment variable you can set in the operating system to control our UI scaling.

    The value represents the scale size you want. 1 = 100%, 2 = 200% etc.

    For example, to double the scale of the UI, set this environment variable:

    There are examples of how to set this on this page, in this example its created a log file, but use the values above to change GUI scale.

    Please let us know how you get on.
  • Area Light bug when switching projects
    We will take a look at this. Many thanks for the video, it helps a lot.
  • Multiple HDR maps in 1 Blender file
    Hi Mike,

    I have just taken a look, and currently, we do not support multiple environments in Blender controlled by HDR Light Studio. You can control just 1. However, a workaround could be to use our LightLooks system to create multiple lighting designs in a single HDR Light Studio project and switch between them as needed.

    This is a video about that feature:

    How are you going to use having multiple environments, please? Are you after a lighting setup per camera angle? This may help me give you more guidance.
  • Swap the Appearance of a Light
    Hi Stef. This doesn't work using 'Light' presets. This works using the Content presets, it explained that in the video.
  • Area lights in Rhino
    Not at the moment. Are you hitting some limitations with lighting on the HDRI map only?
  • Modifying an HDR Map and then Saving It?
    Sorry, FBX is for Windows only. The previous screen shot was Windows, I assumed that was your platform.
  • Modifying an HDR Map and then Saving It?
    We support Collada, Alembic and FBX file formats. So you may need to use another software to generate those, as Stager does not seem to support those formats for export.
  • Modifying an HDR Map and then Saving It?
    Why do you need to use Blender? You can use HDR Light Studio standalone and add lights to a HDRI map and save the HDRI map.
  • Modifying an HDR Map and then Saving It?
    Yes, that is what the software is designed for. Creating and Editing HDRI maps to use in your 3D software. In the demo mode, without a license, it is not possible. But once a license is purchased, you can save your HDRI maps as HDR or EXR files.
  • Modifying an HDR Map and then Saving It?
    Yes you can do that Berklie,

    Here is a quick tip video showing how this is done
  • 3DsMax Vray 6 Update 1.2 broken?
    This issue is not to do with the renderer at all. It seems when you are exporting an alembic scene from 3ds Max, that the alembic has changed the up direction to what we are expecting in HDR Light Studio. I wonder if you have changed your default alembic settings when exporting, or maybe you have changed the up direction for 3DS Max?

    Its all about the up direction for the scene and when this is exported into HDR Light Studio, the up direction is wrong. I wonder if you can check if you have been changing the up direction somewhere?
  • Plans for HDR Light Studio to use GPU rendering?
    There are no current plans Jez to use the GPU. We are happy that you do not need to worry about GPU drivers etc when using HDR Light Studio on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Plus, HDR Light Studio is ideal to use in conjunction with a GPU renderer, as we do not compete for the GPU resources.
  • After Windows automatically updated the system, my c4d bridge and other dcc software bridges failed.
    Let's deal with this over support emails. I have already replied to your email there also. Thanks
  • After Windows automatically updated the system, my c4d bridge and other dcc software bridges failed.
    Are you using the latest builds of HDR Light Studio and plugins from our web site. Is your firewall blocking access to HDR Light Studio, we use TCP/IP for many connections now?
  • HDRLightStudio on 4K screen
    Sorry for the delay in replying. This is very strange. Windows should just handle all of this. I am working on a 4k and 1080 screen and moving HDRLS between them both works correctly. But this does not help you. Can we have a couple of screen grabs please?
  • Maya Z-up coordinate system
    We are very grateful for you sharing your solution here.

    I know that for automotive work, there are customers using the none default Z up, and not Y up in Maya.

    We always assumed the default Y up workflow.

    I am glad you have found a workaround that works for you, again thanks for sharing.
  • Error with Omniverse connector
    Hi Paul,

    There is now a new build of our Create extension on our website. Please go to the trial downloads section and the new ones will be there for you. Please let me know how you get on.

  • Error with Omniverse connector
    Which release of Omniverse are you using, please? It seems quite common for our plugin to be broken with changes to the Omniverse build.

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