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  • pegot
    Very excited by the new features in Xenon Drop 2 just released. But I have questions regarding updating and installation.

    Do I simply run the installer and it overwrite the previous version of Light Studio, or do I first need to uninstall the old version?

    And how does this work with the connections where multiple versions of ones DCC are being used? For instance: I have the stable version of Octane 2020.1.5 installed which currently works with Light Studio Xenon Drop 1 (7.1.0 2020.0828). The new version released today has a connection that is supposed to work with Octane 2020.2, which is currently at version 2020.2 RC7. So, does this new version install as a separate connection, or does it overwrite the previous older Octane connection? I do need both versions of Octane active as 2020.2 RC7 is still in development. Is it possible to have multiple versions of the Light Studio connection installed for each version of Octane I am using?

  • Mark Segasby
    The installer for the main HDR Light Studio app will uninstall the previous version during the install process. Then install the latest version.

    The Octane connection is a bit weird in that you can only have one plugin version installed at a time. So you can update your 2020 connection to the latest version with the 2020 plugin installer, I think it has a couple of minor bug fixes. That should sort you out.

    If you did want to try it with 2020.2 (which is in effect 2021 in progress with an updated sdk too), you could install that 2020.2 plugin, but it would only work with 2020.2, and the 2020 Octane would no longer recognise the plugin.

    I suggest install the updated HDR Light Studio and the updated connection for Octane Standalone 2020, and see how you go with that.
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