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  • pegot
    Use a file’s existing HDR World Texture Environment as the starting point for a HDR Light Studio project.

    It would be great if HDR Light Studio could render a pre-existing environment node set up from Octane as a base texture. Many times I have a pre-existing HDR that has been modified with Octane texture nodes to adjust position, color, and even combined with other HDR’s using a mix or add node. The ability to use this pre-existing node environment as the start for further modifications in Light Studio would be helpful.

    I often start a project in Octane Blender, where I set my animation and then export as an ORBX for rendering in Octane Standalone. Moving the project to Octane stand alone allows the use of HDR Light Studio as there is no connection for it through Octane Blender (only Blender using Cycles / Eevee).
    Of course, I suppose it is possible to render out my base HDR from Octane as a separate Equirectangular exr image and ingest that as a preset into HDR Light Studio, but if the program somehow did that automatically it would be a great time saving feature.

    Maybe this use case is too specific to me though?

  • Mark Segasby
    Hi Pegot, this is an interesting idea. Developing connections and keeping them maintained for so many applications and renderers takes a lot of work. I personally feel this use case is very specific and would make the connection far more complex and leads to more opportunities for something to go wrong.

    I hope you are able to do all of the edits to the HDRI map in HDR Light Studio that you can do in Blender.... and much much more. I think the main issue you have is lack of support for HDR Light Studio working with Octane in Blender. We may support this one day, but it means supporting a special build of Blender and is really a totally separate connection to support and maintain. So we can only justify this if there are enough users.
  • Claudius Dreyer
    +1 for a Blender Octane connection! :grin:

    It´s already possible to use HDRLS with Octane in Blender, by starting the Connection with Eevee as a renderer and then switch to Octane after the connection is established- and then connecting the HDRLS World tex to an Octane environment. I used a spherical projection with xyz rotation so that the orientation matches. Only thing I could not get to work yet were Area Lights.

    Would be very cool to have an official connection :cool:
  • Mark Segasby
    Hi Claudius, you may be able to get the HDRI map working this way, but not the 3D area lights.
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